Monday, May 31, 2010

random photo monday: memorial day grass-eatin' good times

except for the fact that LP ended up with a bloody lip from sucking on this blade of grass for five minutes, this was a fantastic idea.

Friday, May 28, 2010

overheard in the whitney house: near miss

bryan: good thing i lowered her crib four months ago.

me: yeah, we really dodged that bullet.

Friday, May 21, 2010

overheard in the whitney house: baby fight club

bryan's reaction to LP being upset: you're gonna have to suck it up, kid. this is your life, and it's fucking ending one second at a time.

Monday, May 17, 2010

langley at nine months...and ten months...and eleven months

may 14, 2010

dear little boognish,

apparently, mama has gotten very bad about getting these letters done for you lately. we haven’t written one since you were eight months old, and that’s just ridiculous because, hello, are you a new baby or what?
in the past three months, you have grown four more teeth, giving you a whole new smile - just a giant, goofy grin. you have finally decided that rolling over is worth something, and you have crawled, albeit backwards only. i think we kind of set you up for failure on that one, what with the concrete floors and the “bunchy britches” (aka, bumgenius diapers). i did convince your daddy to let us throw some carpet down in the living room temporarily, so hopefully we’ll get that done soon, and we won’t have to be so terrified of you cracking your head open all the time.
none of these things can compare to the allure of walking, so that has been your major focus for the past few months. you do not want to sit down - ever. usually, if we try to put you in a seated position on the floor or couch, you stiffen up your little legs and make it impossible. even if we do get you to sit, within seconds you’re grabbing something to help you stand up. your favorite place to do this is on the couch, where you can then walk back and forth and try to attack the kittendog or pull aiko’s tail. you also really enjoy cruising around the coffee table, which means we need to start rethinking that glass and metal contraption of death.

even though you love practicing your walk on your own (with a little help from me or daddy), you still dig the jeep walker, which terrifies the dogs no end, and that causes us great enjoyment. some of your finer moments have been spent outside chasing after the dogs and squealing with delight as they take off in fear for their lives. i’ll tell you, it’s better than TV.
daddy lowered your crib months ago, thinking that soon we would go into your room in the morning and find you hanging over the railing because you’ve pulled yourself up and tried to climb out. we haven’t had that experience yet, but you did finally start rolling over to your stomach while you sleep, so we have found you in all kinds of different positions in the past few days. unfortunately, you usually cry a bit when you do it, and really unfortunately, it tends to be at 5 am. it’s like you have totally panicked yourself by rolling into this position and then, after about 30 seconds, you’re like, “oh hey, this is really comfortable. i should do this all the...zzzzz...zzzzz.
we celebrated my first mother’s day together, starting a long tradition of daddy being responsible for buying more than one card for every holiday, so i’m sure that’s very exciting for him. just wait until he has you “buying” me gifts that he then has to wrap. i predict mama will have to teach you how to properly manipulate gift wrap very early in your life so i don’t end up opening things that look like they’ve been run over by a small truck.
finally, i should tell you that the last time we took you to the baby playgroup, we discovered that you’re going to be the big kid who bites, which is fantastic. can’t wait to get those calls from school. the biting really isn’t your fault - it’s because you’ve been raised mostly by dogs. and by people who have too many dogs. and who play with you sometimes like you’re a babydog...ugh, i should probably just stop worrying about a college fund and start working on a therapy fund instead...and i should clarify that you did not bite anyone at playgroup, but i saw panic in a few of the parents’ eyes as you came at their babies face first with your mouth open. we didn’t bother to explain that this is what you apparently consider “kissing.” in any case, you are also the most giant baby compared to so many others that we see, and i don’t mean that you’re overly chunky or somehow out of proportion. you’re just a big, healthy kid, and i’m afraid you’re going to be just like your mother and be taller than practically everyone else in your class until the boys hit 16 or 17. don’t worry though. it just means that people will be intimidated by you for one more reason in addition to your brilliance and beauty.