Wednesday, August 20, 2008

things i love wednesday: bathing cats

cadence is now the second cat of my life to ever receive a bath. she is not a fan of her recent loss of bathing virginity. and i'm sure it is somewhat humiliating to be washed in a sink, but i think most humans have gone through it at some point in their lives, so why not inflict such embarrassment upon a cat?

in any case, my last cat received such baths every couple of months or as necessary for all of his 15 years, and honestly, he barely complained. sure, he'd whine when i massaged shampoo into his belly, but i really think that was more because he was shy about showing off his sizable paunch.

cadence? not so much. as soon as her feet hit the water, she tried to shoot straight up to the kitchen ceiling and to stay in that upward position during the entire excruciating three-minute process. to make things more interesting, she continually made this awful gurgling noise to the point that i thought she was slowly drowning herself somehow. turns out, she's just a drama queen. and explaining to her that it was all her fault because she was the one who had found a pen, chewed off the tip and ended up with blue ink-soaked paws.

here she is post-bath, purring her face off, yet looking indignant: