Tuesday, December 30, 2008

things i learned by watching way too much biography channel over the weekend

1. most people who end up famous put on variety shows for their families after dinner. these people scare me.

2. just because you were once on a show with someone who later went on to become mega-talented and mega-famous, you do not get to take any responsibility for that person's success. i'm looking at you, alan thicke.

3. i'm very concerned about middle-aged people obsessing about the love lives of teenagers. seriously, where did your careers go wrong?

4. if you work for parade magazine, chances are you wear far too many mismatching articles of clothing and accessories. blouse + jacket + tie + feathered hair + lapel pin = bleeechhhh.

5. the shamwow really is as fantastic as that spiky-haired guy makes it sound. i swear.


bryan said...

how do you know about shamwows being fantastic? Baby, are you hiding shamwows from me? We need to talk.