Friday, February 20, 2009

the boognish chronicles: part 4

dear little boognish,

today might just be the last friday that we don’t know if we’re having a girl or a boy. next friday we’ll be having our second ultrasound, and since that day will mark about 20 ½ weeks that you’ve existed, we should be able to see what’s going on down there. this will thrill papadog no end, because he has been champing at the bit to unpack your crib and other furniture, and i won’t let him until we know which room we need to turn into the nursery. not that I have a huge problem with a girl growing up in a deep blue bedroom, but your dad might take exception to a boy living in a lilac really wouldn’t go with all the red sox and patriots gear your grandfather has almost certainly purchased already.

you might be noticing that it’s been a few months since i’ve written to you, and i have to tell you, it’s really your fault. i would soften that blow if i could, but let’s just say that mama has had a splitting, piercing, throbbing, mind numbing headache since november, and i really can’t think of a nicer way to put things today. fortunately, the only times you’ve made me get sick have been just a couple of times while i was brushing my teeth. UNfortunately, i really love brushing my teeth, and you’ve made me a bit terrified to do it as often as i always do. this has gotten better over the months though, so we’re making progress on that front at least.

we got to see you for the first time january 9, when we were about 13 weeks along. the ultrasound technician was a truly horrible person, and she kept yelling at us for coming in so early in the pregnancy because “we wouldn’t be able to see anything yet.” she was tons of fun. as soon as she touched that little wand to my skin, though, we could both see you squirming around in there, and it was the most thrilling thing in the world. i guess the tech thought we only cared about finding out the gender, and it was too early for that, but we just wanted to see you, to know that you were truly in there kicking around and thriving. we saw everything we needed to see. you looked like a little acrobat in there, which makes me worry about later in the pregnancy when i’m able to feel all of that movement. i’m thinking you might make all of my organs a little seasick, but that’s fine by me.

you’re definitely making yourself known in the visual department, even if i can’t quite feel you yet. our obstetrician laughed at me at our last appointment because i told him i was excited to finally be getting bigger. he said he doesn’t get that a lot, but honestly, i don’t know who would prefer people thinking they had just packed on a bunch of pounds instead of that they were pregnant. also, i’ve become a huge fan of maternity clothes and it helps to have a bit of a belly to fill them out so they don’t look completely ridiculous. i’ll do anything for stretchy waistbands these days, and papadog’s just pleased to see me in anything other than sweats.

so, here’s hoping that we get some more information about you next week, and we get to start fighting over what to name you. your dad keeps trying to talk me into letting him name you if you’re a boy and i would name you if you’re a girl. but since he hates every girl name I love and thinks fuquan is an acceptable name for a boy, i’m thinking i’m just going to fill out the birth certificate when i send him out for guinness.


ps, if your name is fuquan, i’m sorry i failed you. i must have been given some damn good drugs the day you were born.