Monday, May 25, 2009

random photo monday: feat of engineering

i just want to preface this photo by saying that when i told bryan we would have to build a little frame for the baby's changing pad to sit in on top of her dresser, he looked at me like i was completely out of my mind, and i'm pretty sure he told me we should consult a professional.

now, look at this:
we're adding something to our yard that i will post here in a week or so, and in preparation, bryan decided to build this ramp i like to call "serious overkill." he's doing a great job, but the fact that this project seems so reasonable to him while nailing three pieces of wood together to build a changing pad frame was mind boggling is absolutely hilarious to me.


Bryan said...

the changing pad frame is still a daunting task when compared to the ease of ramp construction