Friday, October 9, 2009

langley at four months

dear little boognish,

you’re now four months old, and i swear, you are just a whole new baby. you’re sleeping through the night most of the time, and we just love you for it. you wake up every morning with the biggest smile on your face, like you just can’t wait to start your big, exciting day. it makes it really hard to be upset about never being able to sleep in past 7 am.
your third month was a big one. you went camping with all of your dogs and mama and daddy in a big RV, and you got to see lots of bluegrass and quite a bit of hail. everybody in flagstaff thought your parents were crazy, but you were pretty cool with the whole situation. even though we had to practically smother you in sweatshirts and blankets every night, you seemed to enjoy yourself, and you didn’t even scream so much that our neighboring campers complained or moved away. i have to say, you made us very proud.
you’ve started staying with your gran a few days during the week so mama could go back to work, and you’re really loving it. most of the time, you come home pretty exhausted, which has definitely helped with that whole sleeping-through-the-night thing, and we’re in gran’s debt for it. you have no idea how much easier it is to be your mama when i’ve had more than five hours of sleep at a stretch. not that you’re a difficult baby to love, but just the same, i’d appreciate it if this trend could continue.
we’re starting to get a little worried about the upcoming weeks because somebody has decided to start teething pretty early. every morning when i get you out of bed, your sleeves are completely soaked because you’ve been sucking on them to get some relief from those budding teeth. you’re on this really wonky schedule some days, where you just try to sleep all day in between fits of uncontrollable screaming. it’s really enjoyable. most days you’re still pretty decent though, so we’re not quite ready to trade you in...yet.

it seems like every day you learn something new or are doing something better, like grasping objects with both hands and following people with your whole head when they walk by. you’ve even started paying more attention to the dogs lately, and man, are they excited about that. they absolutely can’t wait until you’re big enough to start playing with them. they already think you’re the coolest chick they know, so just imagine how happy they’ll be when you can interact with them. i’m just hoping that day comes soon and that it means mama can get a break from being shadowed 24 hours by four dogs, all forming a parade behind me as i wander from room to room. that’s why i decided to have kids - to distract the damn dogs.