Tuesday, November 10, 2009

langley at five months

november 10, 2009

dear little boognish,

so, you might have noticed i’m a little late with your five-month letter. yeah, well, i told daddy he should do it this month, but then he had no time because we have a five-month-old baby. and then i had no time because we have a five-month-old baby. and do you know what five-month-old babies do? they refuse to nap. ever. i can barely get through the day without naps but you seem perfectly happy to play and laugh and wiggle and squinch all day long, stopping only occasionally to rub your eyes and beg for sleep and then refuse it when it’s offered to you.

in the past month, you’ve become much more aware of the zoo in which we live. you pull on malichai’s fur and ears, and at least once you punched him in the eye. he didn’t even get mad, which is incredible. i think he knows you’re his third pack leader.
you also got a doorway jumper, and you’re a pretty big fan. you get those little legs swinging around underneath you, and you twist yourself around in circles for nearly a half hour at a time, which is like a lifetime to such a little kid. then you look straight at us like you’re about to do something magnificent and throw your face onto the side of the seat and suck on it until the thing is soaking wet. teething is awesome!
basically, our biggest role in your life these days is providing fingers for you to chomp on all day. you do it to gran too, to the point that her fingers hurt at the end of a day of hanging out with you. it’s quite mean, really. we should talk about that.
your uncle dave came to visit again, and you were a huge fan. you showed off all your tricks - laughing until you gave yourself the hiccups, sleeping through the night, the butt cannon (not the farting kind, but the wiggling kind with the sound effects - you know what i’m talking about). the only thing you didn’t show him was your poop face, which mama had promised him he’d get to witness. every day, you waited until he had left the house before you would do it, and it’s just not fair. everyone should get to witness the poop face. i keep trying to get it on video, and i swear i’ll be victorious one day, so watch out, future boyfriends! i might have some superb footage to embarrass my daughter with in front of you someday!