Tuesday, February 23, 2010

langley at eight months

february 14, 2010

Dear little LP,

You are now officially 8 months old, since we have agreed finally on the new age calculation method of using the 14th of each month to mark a month. You have had quite a few firsts here over the past few weeks. You seem to be stretching out quite a bit, and I recently had to make your excer-saucer a little higher for you. I also had to adjust your crib down a few settings, and while your mom may not think it is necessary, I was not going to risk you escaping in the middle of the night.
You got to take your first plane ride when we went to Colorado for Jo’s wedding and to visit Un-Cle DAAAAAVE. Luckily for us and everyone else on the plane you were very well behaved. We got to board with the first group because of you, and it was everything I hoped it could be. You stood on my lap in the aisle seat and laughed and smiled at everyone as they boarded the plane, and they silently prayed not to have to listen to a screaming baby for the entire flight.
Once we were in CO you were quite the little trouper. You tagged along on our skiing expedition to Winter Park all the way up to 12,000 feet. We camped out in the ski lodge with you and took turns making runs down the mountain. I really wanted to put you in a sled and have you trail along behind me but we decided that was probably a quick way to have you taken away from us. We did get to put you in a little red wagon surrounded by all our ski stuff, which made lugging you and all the stuff much easier. At Winter Park you rode on the gondola, got pulled in a wagon, you rode on trains and buses at the airport and flew back and forth to CO, pretty much hitting every mode of transportation in one trip except boat.
At the hotel you slept in your very own queen size bed which worked out much better than a hotel crib. You also got to go swimming with your mom and dad and you seemed to like it. You did not cry at all, but you also did not laugh or smile. You were very interested in watching the other kids, but overall you handled the entire swimming thing as though it were a very serious and solemn experience. Hopefully, you will enjoy the pool here at the house this summer.
You now have two giant teeth on the bottom, which you constantly use to chew on anything you can get your hands on. You have hit this stage where you love to walk around in your Jeep walker and have us hold your hands so you can stand and walk. Your new extra fun idea is to try to stand on your own, which you are unable to do just yet, so instead it propels you forward with shocking speed, and you have tried to dive off the couch a few times now. And as I write this you have just managed to roll over from your stomach to your back all on your own for the very first time, and we are so proud.
You have been an amazing little addition and have learned so much in 8 months. I will not hold it against you that you constantly say Mama but have yet to utter anything that remotely resembles Dada. You have however constantly been jabbering and yelling Oy Oy Oy, which is very cute. You finally have some hair too, which is good because Daddy was starting to worry you were gonna have my hairstyle for a while longer. Thanks for being a great daughter. I am so proud of all your progress and I love you very much.