Monday, June 14, 2010

langley at one year

june 14, 2010

Dear Langley,

You are now a full year old and I just cannot believe how fast the time has gone. I was looking back at pictures of you when you first came home and it does not seem possible that I am looking at the same baby. In the last few weeks you have really come into your own with this combination crawl, slide, drag, crab walk thing you do. Until recently your locomotion was severely impaired because of the concrete floors and our fear of you cracking your head. But NO MORE. We bought some carpet and some carpet pad and put it down and rearranged the living room around the idea of keeping you corralled but letting you have some independence, and it is looking good so far. You are cruising from couch to couch and scooting all over the living room. It is really quite a miracle that you are not walking yet, and we are savoring these last few moments we have with you as a nonfunctioning biped. You are quite comfortable on your feet and will walk just holding onto one of my hands squealing in delight the entire time.
Also it appears you have been bit by the technology bug very early. We recently got new iMacs and iPads for the office (I am actually typing this to you on the iPad), and you are always looking for an opportunity to take one and see if it works better while being jammed in a baby's mouth. (We think you are really just trying to update I let you play with my old iPhone and, after you were done, the home screen button no longer worked and the screen said that the accessory (YOU) that I was trying to plug into the phone was not meant for use with the iPhone.
This year has been quite a learning experience but you have really made it easy. You are really a happy kid who loves her furry bothers and sisters and just loves to be tickled and laugh. Really the only thing you do not like lately are naps, but we have managed to trick you into enough to keep our sanity.
On the music front, you have been exposed to about every genre possible. Despite mom's best attempts you are totally onboard with listening to rap, especially Jay-Z, 50, and Nelly. The only music I have seen you react negatively to is bad 90's heavy metal that came on during bath time thanks to the bing top 100 app.
You are really an amazing little person and I am so proud of you and love you so much. I can not wait to see all that you will do in your life. I know that you will not remember your 1st birthday but your mom and I will always remember the day our little baby dog turned a year old.
Daddy Dog (which is what you call me lately)