Friday, October 17, 2008

here's a half hour i'll never get back

the husband's parents and grandmother left yesterday after a 10-day visit. his grandmother isn't in the best of health, so much of our time was spent making sure she was okay, that she was drinking water, that she was eating enough, etc. which means much of the time, i was involved in this kind of conversation:

husband's dad: ma, how's your soup?

gma: it is just wonderful. it's got these big chunks of vegetables in here. there's potato...and carrot...and celery...

dad: well that's good.

gma: and when you bite into a carrot, it tastes like a carrot. and when you bite into a potato, you taste the potato.

dad: well that's good.

gma: it's just really wonderful. everything that came out, every plate looks just beautiful.

PS, we were at a greasy diner where the waitresses all have sweat stains on their shirts, and not just under their arms...and there are giant fake mounted fish on the walls.