Friday, July 31, 2009

overheard in the whitney house: even more animal comparisons

the following is a list of nicknames and various descriptors for langley and her actions:

  • babydog (obviously)
  • ferreting (when she's rooting around for the boob or the bottle)
  • bird mouth (when she's opening her mouth to signal she wants to eat but isn't "ferreting")
  • moose ears (when she throws her hands up above her ears, making them look like antlers)
  • turtle face (when she scrunches her neck down and then stretches it out; usually signifies a "movement")
  • chipmunk cheeks (seriously, look at these cheeks)
  • kangaroo feet (when she's kicking around like a mad woman, usually while we're trying to change her)
  • monkey lips (which also look a lot like fish lips)
  • bulldog (when she's got such serious boogs that it sounds like she can barely breathe)
clearly, we have problems in this family...