Wednesday, July 15, 2009

things i love wednesday: crazy internet people

in trying my best to breastfeed my baby, i've come across a lot of wacky shit while doing some research on the internet. some of it really is helpful, but then you find people who say things like this:

my babe has blocked tear ducts and a stuffy nose, and I've been squirting bm in his eyes and up his nose, so he does get some on his face, although I haven't seen a difference yet, but I've been only doing it for two days now.
oh wait, it gets better. there are people agreeing with this behavior and replicating it in droves!
Her clogged tear duct has just started to clear up where she isn't waking up in the am with crusted sticky eye. I would squirt bm in her eye and massage the corner 3x day. In the am I'd give her a bath and massage the eye with a warm-hot cloth every morning and before bed. Now I'm squirting bm up her nose for the stuffyness and on her face. I think my mom thinks I'm officially nuts! I know bm is magic stuff.
ps, the "bm" stands for breast milk, although i find it funnier to pretend they're referring to the other kind of bm...but then again, i'm 4.