Friday, September 26, 2008

the bionic son returns

last tuesday, i took bronson to vegas for a veterinary consult concerning whether he should have his right hip replaced. we decided to do it, and bronson had the surgery the next day. he was supposed to stay until saturday, when we would be able to drive out and bring him home. on the way, we got a phone call telling us that bronson had managed to break his femur on the same leg that had just received an exorbitantly expensive replacement hip. we kept driving so we could visit with him, and then we drove back home. he had another surgery monday to fix the broken bone and reposition the hip replacement. yesterday, we were finally able to bring our boy home. and this is what that looked like:it is my contention that bronson was not satisfied with his level of bionic-ness after the first surgery, and he therefore broke his leg on purpose, just so he would look like this: