Wednesday, September 24, 2008

things i love wednesday: misguided political ads

the other day we received this lovely mailer from some political organization, wanting us to show our support for prop 102, which apparently is a proposition intent on amending the arizona constitution to ban gay marriage. yeah. because anyone who knows me knows that this is totally something i would support. because i definitely think it's appropriate to include constitutional amendments regulating who people can marry. please.
anyway, these people made the mistake of sending out these little reply cards, ostensibly so folks could cast such ridiculous votes early. and these little reply cards looked just like this:you see that little "postage paid" note up there in the corner? don't send these things to me and expect me not to use them:
(if this picture won't open up in a new window, what i wrote was: "before you send these out to people, you should probably do some research & send them only to ridiculously stupid, unthinking, asinine folk - you know, people like yourselves. anyone who believes it's appropriate to allow government to decide who should and should not marry should probably direct their attention to more important matters, like making it illegal for horrible, ignorant assholes like you to breed & raise future generations of bigots." i think you can probably read the last part.)