Thursday, April 17, 2008

7 weird things about me

after getting tagged for these things all the time on myspace and almost never responding to them, i figured it would be appropriate to open this blog with a long overdue meme. for the record, i generally find it very difficult to not be ridiculous about these lists, but i will do my best to restrain myself...

1. the smells of cinnamon toast and chocolate milk instantly transport me to the floor of my living room in new jersey, sitting pressed up against the wall heater and watching dukes of hazzard. EVERY. TIME.

2. i have a mild case of trychotillomania, which usually arises out of something becoming lodged in my eye and ends with me pulling out 136 eyelashes. i'm fairly certain my eyelids will one day require toupees.

3. when i was little, i loved cinderella so much that i decided one night that i wanted to have a dream about cinderella. i scrunched my face up and thought about it until i fell asleep. that night, i had a dream about cinderella. this phenomenon has not repeated itself since.

4. my husband and i can add "-pants" to any word and act like it makes sense. as in, we are busypants. the dogs are all crazypants. i knowpants. it's sad, really.

5. i actually enjoyed living in detroit. but then, i didn't really live IN detroit.

6. when i went off to college, i had recently acquired a ball python, which i refused to leave behind. the college only permitted fish as pets in dorm rooms. i put the snake in his aquarium and covered it with a blanket, telling people i passed it was just a fish tank, and i hauled him up however many ungodly flights to my room. he lived in my closet. he did NOT smell good.

7. i used to hang out with rock stars, but rarely with any whose music i actually enjoyed.