Saturday, April 26, 2008

guilt trip weekend, or why the aspca has me on speed dial

my dog has a GIANT HOLE IN HER LEG.

i should explain.

first of all, it's not a GIANT HOLE. it's a tooth-sized hole.

and second of all, the fact that i did not notice it until at least 15 hours after it happened = i am a horrible (dog) mother.

third, let me tell you how easy it is for our family to rack up a $222 vet bill. 1) assume that blood-curdling scream coming from dog resulted from simply being shoved to the ground by another dog and not from GIANT HOLE IN HER LEG. 2) don't inspect said dog until 15 hours later when she sits in front of you on the bed and looks ultra-patheticpants. 3) take dog to vet clinic DURING OFFICE HOURS but close enough to closing time to invoke emergency office visit fee.

that said, our teagan is a freaking rock star and acts like there is not a GIANT HOLE IN HER LEG, and i am uber-impressed with her. of course, she could have done without husband proceeding to clip her nails, which naturally resulted in bloody toe because teagan is convinced that we are trying to murder her every time we do this. insult to injury. she's not speaking to him anymore.

but she looooooves me.