Monday, April 21, 2008

people i'm glad to see still going to my gym

after a six-month BRIEF hiatus from going to the gym, i've been ecstatic to see all my old friends over the past week.

for example, octogenarian guy who wears dress pants and silk-esque button-down, gem-colored shirts - good to see you're still barely moving your arms and legs working that cardio program.

chick that wears pink scrunchy socks, like the kind my friends and i used to wear doubled up with a different color - and, oh my god, how the hell did our feet not melt into our keds in the summer? - good to see ya!

crazy guy with the sweatband around your wobbly head, atop your uber-wobbly body, while you flail walk your little heart out on the treadmill - glad to watch you defy the laws of physics!

and to see all of you again while i watch a commercial full of ginormously obese people who have instead opted for surgical intervention? perfection.