Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i wasn't even kidding

the other day, i mentioned that the aspca has my house on speed dial. last night, we once again lived up to the expectation.

my dog has a GIANT HOLE IN HIS LEG. that's right - another dog, another injury. same leg and same overall look to the wound, however, so we're thinking obsessive compulsive flesh-eating virus.

the sole difference this time is that malichai didn't make a sound that could break glass when his injury occurred. we simply noticed him looking superultrasadpants and limping a bit. then we noticed the GIANT HOLE IN HIS LEG, and okay, it's only slightly bigger than teagan's, but still.

if this wound turns out not to be the work of a sci-fi channel-esque mutant chemically-imbalanced virus, that leaves only three suspects, and they all have something to gain by attempting to amputate chai's leg.

suspect #1:

possible motive: payback for wound inflicted upon her, which was blamed on malichai. plus, she's faster than chai, which means she probably could have run up, dealt deadly blow and then returned to eating grass without arousing suspicions.

suspect #2:

possible motive: malichai is always trying to keep this man down. bronson has bad hips, so malichai tends to get the better of him quite often. he covets the top dog spot. plus, this is just the face of a psychopathic revenge artist. it is now suspected that he may have caused the original injury to teagan, perhaps because he was jealous of her unsurpassed agility.

suspect #3:

possible motive: aiko was the original dog, and she needed a hump of fluids when we got malichai because she worked herself into a frenzied depression. although she acts like she loves him, i think she secretly yearns for the days when she was the one, the only apple in her parents' eyes.

i'll take any suggestions as to who looks the most guilty of the crime of making malichai look this sad:


jamie said...

My God, I chuckled in a very loving way at this. No LOL though :)