Thursday, June 5, 2008

champagne thursday: toast #7

a couple of weeks ago, i read a post by dooce about the furminator. apparently, the husband and i had seen this thing at petco before, but we thought there was no way it would work quite like the advertising said it would. all i have to say is i'm totally going to believe all marketing campaigns for all products from here on out. this is the most amazing product i've ever used, and i'm not even kidding. it removed a mound of fur from teagan, and we have never been able to brush anything out of her. ridiculous.

observe the teagan pile (just look at how embarrassed she is to have me for a mother):
bronson is decidedly more excited about his recent hair loss:aiko is downright thrilled to be a bit lighter, especially since we just learned she's gained 10 lbs since she was last weighed:and malichai thinks we're all a bunch of silly bastards: