Saturday, June 21, 2008

nostalgic deja vu

so, husband is out of town for a funeral (sad), and a dog i love found a family and left the shelter where i volunteer, and i'm feeling kind of sentimental...again. also, my friend my high school was super stoked to see this particular photo when i was trying to fill her in on the last decade of my life, so here goes:
for serious, isn't she just a little cotton puff with a hot pink collar? p.s., that was a cat collar because she was too small for every dog collar in the store. she outgrew it in a few weeks, but damn did that make me swoon. 

that sheep was her first and most favorite toy. she carried it around like a baby and never, ever wanted to harm it, even though she soon started ripping other toys to shreds. maybe six months later, she apparently popped a crazy pill and finally gutted her most beloved sheep as well, and we later went through approximately 8,942 of the damn things at $4 a pop. i still have several of them in our own personal soft toy infirmary. my thimble-less thumbs likely will dictate that they remain there for perpetuity.

also, she did not ever want to leave her crate when we first taught her how to stay in it overnight. we'd get up in the morning, open it up and call her out, and she would look at us like there was a flaming moat of lava surrounding the crate and she could not possibly traverse that kind of fiery boundary. now she laughs at the puppies when we make them stay in the crates when we leave the house. while she stretches out on the tempurpedic. life is good in aikoville.