Friday, June 27, 2008

things you can do to put off studying for the bar

1. search frantically for four cds you have been missing for approximately 2 years, even though you do have them downloaded to your itunes.

2. search frantically for those dumbbells you know you have but haven't been able to find since your renter moved in and you had to take them out of the guest room dresser. a year ago.

3. blow up core ball, because at least you can find that.

4. yell at dogs and cat for trying to play with core ball.

5. donate television, entertainment center and cucumber water to local charity yard sale.

6. think about how much you really need to rectify the situation that is your hellhole of a home office.

7. listen to hour-long dooce interview.

8. look up tori & dean's b&b in fallbrook, california to see if it still exists even though they're not running it.

9. google iphone cases that do not block proximity sensor so husband will stop freaking out about not being able to hang up the phone.

10. spend 15 minutes trying to remember all the ways you have procrastinated so you can publish that list to your blog.