Monday, June 9, 2008


after drinking far too many bottles glasses of wine last night, all i was looking forward to was coming home at noon and curling up in bed with the dogs studying for the bar exam. unfortunately, today is the day that i was smart enough to schedule not only a house cleaning courtesy of someone other than me, but also a paint touch-up on the exterior of our house. which equals 8000 people too many in and around the house for the dogs to maintain normal sanity levels. which equals why i am currently in bed behind my closed bedroom door to keep the dogs from tripping the housekeeper. and to keep malichai from eating her vacuum. oh yes, he tried. after whining more than a 6-year-old leaving disney world.

days like these make me nostalgic for the all-too-short time when malichai was so tiny, his legs didn't even work properly. which was when we took this picture:which was really just a bad reenactment of this picture:which makes me miss having puppies...but not enough to get another one. because five dogs would be crazy.