Wednesday, June 4, 2008

come on-a my house, my house

yesterday, a rather prominent person in our little town dropped by to invite me to a party. this would be fine except for the fact that i live with four rabid maniacs lovely dogs who like to terrorize greet everyone within a 50-yard radius of our house. the way it works is, someone comes to the door and unwittingly rings the doorbell. dogs have minor heart attacks trying to figure out who it is that has just come to see them and only them, and can you even believe that somebody came to see us? this is the best thing that's ever happened to us! let's see who it is! then i throw three of them out the back door, but i neglect to lock that door. i answer the front door with aiko reenacting a scene from cujo beside me, and i try to have a pleasant conversation with the nice lady that has hand delivered an invitation to a party. then, three dogs come busting through the back door, because did i mention that malichai knows how to open that door if it is unlocked? oh yes, he does. so three crazy little giant furbots burst through the front door, jump at the 4-foot-tall woman and run into the street, all the while giving said woman approximately 15 seconds to watch her life flash in front of her.

and the dogs wonder why we don't have people over more often.

this incident did have the positive effect of reminding me that i had this lovely new masthead all designed and ready to upload weeks ago, that i had been dying to put it up and couldn't wait for june, and that it is now june 4, and just where have i been for four days??