Thursday, July 24, 2008

champagne thursday: toast #13

last week we went to denver to catch two nights of a little band i like to call ween, because that is what they are called. if you do not listen to them, you are quite possibly a communist

anyway, never mind the fact that both shows rocked, the second night ended with drummer claude coleman (come on! who couldn't like a guy named claude??) taking about a 12-minute solo which he finished by not just breaking up his drum kit, but completely destroying it, throwing things at it, throwing pieces of it elsewhere and generally wreaking havoc with it, while ol' gener got involved as well. of the john hiatt "perfectly good guitar" school myself (it breaks my heart/to see those stars/smashing a perfectly good guitar), i didn't think i would find this as hilarious as i did. turned out to be a lovely and fitting end to a bizarre and fantastic two nights.

you can see a video of the breakage here, starting about 9 minutes in, although you can't really see the extent of the damage done. enjoy.