Wednesday, July 2, 2008

things i love wednesday: furminating dogs we don't even own

my mom, husband and i volunteer at a local no-kill dog shelter, where i also serve on the board of directors (see how i tooted my own tiny little horn?). sometimes, we take dogs home and give them baths, because we are a) crazy and b) dying to find homes for these guys we love so much. the last time we did this, the dog got adopted a day later even though he'd been living at the center for months, so of course we took all the credit.

jackson is our personal favorite, and if we didn't already have an obscene number of animals, he would have come home with us months ago. he is honestly the sweetest dog i think i've ever met, and before we took him home, he was pink from the red rock at the center, and we just couldn't let him be humiliated that way anymore. so after a loooong bath and some drying time outside on our grass - to which jackson said, "grass? GRASS? you guys have GRASS?! i LOVE grass!" - we furminated the crap out of him, and he was so happy:of course, i found out yesterday that my evil fellow volunteers let him play in the dog pool at the center, and jackson looks pretty much like he did before we bathed him. but for one shining 24-hour period, jackson was a beautiful beast.