Wednesday, July 30, 2008

things i love wednesday: being done with bar exam

i'm not sure there is a feeling anywhere in the world that is better than the feeling you get when you push past the double doors to make the trek back to your car after your final session of the bar exam...passing probably feels pretty good, but i wouldn't know anything about that. for now, i am just loving being done with the damn thing.

and also, these bags from trader joe's:and also, these beers from trader joe's:and also, the fact that the first picture of the beers from trader joe's turned out like this:
and also, trader joe's. must. get. one. in. my. town.


jamie said...

Of course, I too love Trader Joes. It is an obsession. I routinely read the fans of trader joes website and its product reviews. AND...I have the same bags, except two of the ship ones and no orange ones.