Wednesday, May 21, 2008

things i love wednesday: taking the effing bar exam

so, i guess i've decided to take the bar exam again? as in, i seem to have made this decision without really realizing i'd made this decision? and i can't stop speaking in question marks because of it?

actually, entire decision seems to have hinged upon whether micromash would update the 2300 multiple choice questions you have to answer for their handy dandy little pass/update or pass/refund guarantee.

helpful hint: they do not, at least not for every exam, only for each calendar year.

because i have a nearly-photographic memory when it comes to these kinds of things (and yet, obviously not the volumes upon volumes of law books and exam review guides that you would think would help to garner me a measly damn 13 points), answering the same 2300 questions all over again would be totally pointless.

which is a looooong way of saying, i'm getting a refund for all the money i wasted on that review course in the first place*, which means i can pay for a new review course (because i just haven't tried them all yet! but almost!), the exam and a hotel stay during the exam, and i will break even.

financially. not emotionally.

somehow, this justification is working for me, so please don't burst my sad little bubble.

*in all fairness, i should point out that i really liked this review course while i was using it. for some reason, though, i'm not too pleased with the results...