Saturday, May 10, 2008

wherein i get (fuzzy) proof

want to know how to attempt total humiliation of your husband? just whip out your iphone in line at safeway and start snapping photos of the john cusack lookalike in the next aisle. so here, in all its unadulterated glory, is my proof that this guy really does look like john cusack:

and here's his profile:
and here's where i'm pretty sure he figured out what i was doing, and i almost lost my shit:


BOSSY said...

Not bad! Yes, Bossy can definitely see the resemblance, and she should know because she has very low tolerance for half-assed lookalikes.

Next time you are in the store, pretend as though your camera phone is broken. Hold it in the air and shake it a little and plaster a frown on your face while snapping photos in his direction. Cursing optional.

whiticism said...

i bow to the master of stalkicism. i might have to take these helpful hints under advisement.