Thursday, May 1, 2008

champagne thursday: toast #2

earlier, i posted this picture of my caveman husband annihilating the wooden rotten porch swing left for us by our house's former owners. last night, due to fears that perhaps the pieces (tossed on our wood pile) contained shards of some sort that were jumping out and causing GIANT HOLES in our dogs' legs, said husband decided to throw the swing into our firepit. and lo, it made for a lovely sight:
but then, husband abandoned his fire tending responsibilities:
(husband is outlined in yellow, watering the lawn and shirking his duties - but just look at our pretty new paint!)

result: burning sparks from old porch swing, coupled with gale force winds, created gaping hole in my brand spankin' new patio furniture that was not cheap and is not completely flame-retardant. lucky for husband that i am leaving town tonight and will not be here to say i told you so 157,000 times.